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Thu Dec 19 23:19:02 MST 2002

Peter Boyle wrote:
> The real question is why is the CWI trying to make some
> dubious political gain from this kind of slander? There is
> plenty they could say about politics, why they won't join
> the Socialist Alliance, etc. But even on the latter
> question, all we have heard from SP member Dave Murray is
> the strange argument that somehow the SP knows how to do
> election work better. Well good, if that is the case why not
> put their talents towards building a united left electoral
> intervention in Australia? If you fall for the SP slander,
> the answer is obvious: they cannot be in an alliance with
> the DSP which the SP alleged supports wife-beating and
> murder. But you have to buy the SP slander first.
> Peter Boyle
> peterb at dsp.org.au

I'm not going to comment further on the May case except to say I think it's
somewhat dubious for Peter Boyle to insinuate that this case being used as a
pretext for the SP staying out of the Socialist Alliance. The reason for not
participating in the SA is because it's a sectarian enterprise largely cut
off from the working class and little more than an electoral cover for the
DSP. Because the forces involved in it have no idea how to actually work
with the working class the enterprise is doomed to be a failure. Looking at
the SA's electoral results thus far it seems that the SP's assessment is
correct. Despite having fewer members and resources than the DSP/SA the SP
has done much better in its election work. Why should it risk its
credibility by hitching itself to a doomed enterprise?


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