The ideological implications of Scorcese's latest film

M. Adams galture at
Fri Dec 20 10:14:10 MST 2002

> By Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
> The film becomes downright offensive during the
> final credits, over
> which the U2 anthem "The Hands That Built America"
> plays. If these are
> the hands that built this country, as the song
> triumphantly claims, why
> don't we ever see them building something instead of
> slashing, smashing,
> severing, gutting, burning, and mauling everyone and
> everything in
> sight?

Couldn't the point possibly be (I haven't seen the
film) that the nation was built on violence and
bloodshed, rather than the John Wayne romance of the
wagon trail?  To me, the reviewer takes for granted
that "The way America was built must have been good".
That being the case, "it can't have been built by
thugs like that!"

Mark Adams

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