The ideological implications of Scorcese's latest film

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Dec 20 10:43:43 MST 2002

> Couldn't the point possibly be (I haven't seen the
> film) that the nation was built on violence and
> bloodshed, rather than the John Wayne romance of the
> wagon trail?  To me, the reviewer takes for granted
> that "The way America was built must have been good".
> That being the case, "it can't have been built by
> thugs like that!"
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> Mark Adams

Alas, Martin Scorsese is not much of a social critic. He is fascinated
by the outsider figure, whether it is the homocidal Travis Bickle in
"Taxi Driver", raging bull Jake LaMotta or mafia criminal Henry Hill in
"Goodfellas". Although I have not seen "Gangs of New York", which has
not even opened in NYC, I assume that it will be standard Scorsese fare:
brutal men in a Hobbesian universe. I will be particularly interested to
see how he handles the Irish draft riots.


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