Mapping the 'far left'

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Fri Dec 20 13:54:22 MST 2002

Thank you to Walter Lippmann and Tom O'Lincoln for their
explanation regarding the WSPS.

If they have few members, these few seem to be quite active on the
Web with a site published in various languages and a substantial
amount of information.

The question as to which "current has the 'correct' program to guide
the Socialist Revolution on the planet" will not be answered in my life
time, I'm afraid. :-)

Thanks for the book recommendation, Walter. I will try to find a used
copy ($125 new is a bit stiff).

Gilles d'Aymery

[Walter Lippmann wrote]
The World Socialist Web Site is a Trotskyist
organization which believes that the Cuban
revolution did not take place because it was
not lead by a Trotskyist party (i.e., them).

As other Trotskyist groupings, it strongly says
that it, and it alone, has the "correct" program
to guide the Socialist Revolution on the planet.

The WSWS often features intelligently written
movie reviews and thoughtful interviews with
people in the movie world.

The Encyclopedia of the American Left by
Paul Buhle and others may be one of the
more informative books for you to look at.

[Tom O'Lincoln wrote]
The WSWS is produced by a current once called "Healeyites" after
their leader, British Trotskyist Gerry Healey. This was an arch-
sectarian outfit. It once had a certain presence in many countries, but
in the mid-80s the leading organisation (the Workers'Revolutionary
Party, located in Britain) dumped Healey as part of a more or less
terminal crisis. Leadership then passed to the American section.

They don't seem to have many troops on the ground, but their website
is sometimes quite useful. They seem to have decided on using the
internet more strategically than other left currents do.

[My original question]
1) Where do you place, locate the WSWS on the map?

2) I'd like to learn more about the left in the USA. Would anyone
have a recommendation  for two books, and only two books?

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