CPD antiwar statement

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Fri Dec 20 20:05:39 MST 2002

> Most of the people who signed the petition mean well, but I am afraid that
> it cedes too much to the kind of ritual denunciation of Saddam Hussein
> is demanded by the social democratic and liberal left. To their credit,
> however, they do oppose any war with Iraq even if it is "multilateral".

Lou, isn't this just a "pox on both their houses" approach which allows them
to stand on the sidelines and declare themselves "for peace" and all things
good?  Sorry, I don't give them credit for anything.  They are either stupid
or willingly being manipulated.
> Even though I have little use for Orwell, it reminds me of "1984", with
> society being prepped for "Two Minute Hate Sessions" everyday. One after
> another, we are forced to line up and swear that we hate Moammar Khadafi,
> Manuel Noriega, Slobodan Milosevic and now Saddam Hussein. It's enough to
> drive one to bank-robbing.

Now we're getting somewhere.
> The "Campaign for Peace and Democracy" is rumored to be funded by George
> Soros, which wouldn't surprise me a bit considering what it costs to put
> ad of this size in the Nation.

I REALLY want to get to the bottom of this Soros' story.  He funds all kinds
of "liberal" projects, to include a 24 hour TV station (WorldVision) that
airs, among other things, Noam Chomsky.  Is he just providing a left cover
for his agenda, or is he himself "well intentioned."

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