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Fri Dec 20 22:52:54 MST 2002

(Louis, I'll understand if you dont post this to the list. But i think i should reply so as to tie up loose ends, after this the sorry affair will end, DAVE).

I meant to post this privately, but i seemed to have mistakenly posted it on another list. And I regret that it was posted with all the flameballs on the marxmail list, to all the readers without any interest whatsoever to Australia.
The SP is not trying to use it as part of any political campaign against another group. And the only "pathetic" "Slander" is the Boyle assertion that we want to use a courtcase to destroy the DSP.
All we wanted was for the charges to be dropped, we didn't politicise a court case, it has always been so. If we wanted to do such a thing, we would have gone to the capitalist media, and the DSP would be destroyed within days. To drop a witness statement is not perjury, perjury is giving false evidence, we asked him to drop the statement not lie in court.
As to the current view of people being allowed to seek legal redress. We can now assume that in future situations simmilar to the skilled six, martin kingham and craig johnston, that the DSP will not be calling for these charges to be dropped. Obviously employers can seek legal redress under the DSP principle. Also if a simmilar situation happens only in reverse, would the DSP behave differently? Now that PB has exposed his attitude, he will know where we will be if he or his organisation is whenever he is introuble.
Bens assertion that we link the case with an alleged softness on violence against women is wrong. Im sure there are strong eduacation programs on violence against women, but this individual slipped through the cracks.
PB's assertion that we wont join the socialist alliance because we think they are "murderers" and "violence against women". We wont join because we associate the alliance with sectarianism, impressionistic perspectives and lack of any organisational coherence. We would commit ourselves to a "united left election campaign" if there was such a thing. And i think we all know who is a 'desperate little group', having their original perspectives for the Socialist Alliance shattered the DSP have decided to liquidate half for the reason of splitting their biggest rival and half to move out of a nieche which has not been successful in recruitment.
what is most "pathetic" though is the Dsps attempt to hid their shame when their pants are well and truly below their ankles.

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