Historical Materialism

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at wolmail.nl
Sat Dec 21 07:52:35 MST 2002

Okay Louis I will go a bit interactive. You know my point of view about the
professors - you need them, just like you need all sorts of other people in
different positions in the world. A lot of these people are really good guys
(they seem to be mostly guys) and we need to defend their academic
positions, which are in many places in the world under threat.

I will give you some examples of how academics can help. When I came to
Holland in 1994, I couldn't get any job at first beyond being some Dutch
woman's plaything and working for Big Brother Dutch style. However Professor
Marcel van der Linden helped me out, he gave me articles of his to translate
for various journals and books (just like another Dr at the city archives).
Subsequently he offered to supervise my Phd (but I gave up on that idea for
a while for health reasons). Dr Guglielmo Carchedi invited me into his home
for meals and to his "Capital" reading group, and offered to discuss some
aspects of Marxist theory with me. Dr Geert Reuten lent or gave me
literature. All of these people and others have gone to great lengths to be
of service to activists. You need those networks.

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