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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sat Dec 21 23:21:51 MST 2002

> having their original perspectives for the Socialist Alliance shattered
> the DSP have decided to liquidate half for the reason of splitting their
> biggest rival and half to move out of a nieche which has not been
> successful in recruitment.

David is hallucinating again.

1) The DSP's "original perspectives" for the Socialist Alliance are coming
along nicely enough. Perhaps David doesn't understand what they are.

2) It's not in the DSP's interest for the other left groups to split. Not
even the SP. The Australian left needs more grouplets like it needs a hole
in the head.

3) The DSP has grown significantly over the past few years. It is the
biggest it has ever been. It significantly out-recruits the rest of the
left. The only limited exceptions are a couple of University campuses where
smaller groups have their members concentrated.

The DSP could, if it was necessary, continue on as before the Socialist
Alliance, and come to dominate the far left to an even greater degree than
they do now. If the SA fails, that is precisely what they will do. That
would be bad for the smaller left groups, since the DSP would be a bit less
interested in coopting them into its leadership.

Of course, the Socialist Alliance experience has had an impact on the DSP
itself, too. Even if it is forced to go it alone again, it wouldn't quite be
the same party it was before. It's become a bit more open, and it's thinking
a bit more seriously about how to take the socialist movement forward. I
think these changes are for the better.

For what it's worth, it's not certain that the Socialist Alliance would
collapse if the ISO pulls out. The sad truth is that the crisis in the ISO
seems to have limited its impact in the SA. In many branches it appears that
the SA consists of a mixture of DSPers and independents, and it's not
obvious that many of the key independents would walk if the ISO did.

It would be tragic if the ISO left, but the independents are the "real"
Socialist Alliance.

This is all IMHO, of course, and does not necessarily reflect the views of
the DSP or any other left organisation.

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at

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