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Kay McVey katsummerland at
Sun Dec 22 04:14:24 MST 2002

Jeff Sparrow:
> It would be a great thing if a few more marxists
could engage
> with forms like sf that actually have a mass

Alan Bradley:
Yeah. And it would give me more interesting stuff to

Actually, I'd really enjoy some good old fashioned
Space Opera written by

Try Ken McLeod great Scottish writer, friend of Iain
Banks, Trotskyist, etc.

This review from Frontline gives a good idea of what
to expect.

I first came across him a couple of years ago in a
review in of the "Cassini Division".  Went
out and got the lot.  One of the joys in the first
series of books is the references to socialist and
anarchist historical figures.

I have just finished reading "Dark Light", the second
in the "Engines of Light" series and am hanging out
for the final instalment which has just come out in
hard cover.

Also like Jeff I am a fan of China Mieville and would
be interested to read his non-fiction.  Unfortunately
I missed him at the writers festival in Melbourne.

Does Historical Materialism have a website?

Yours for a socialist future

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