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Sun Dec 22 11:31:06 MST 2002

Eric Flint was a former member of the SWP. I knew him when he was in the
Morgantown branch and a member of the UMWA. He and his wife live near Gary,
Indiana, east of Chicago.

Eric's specialty is ancient and pre-18th century European history. Most of
his sci-fi books, all published by 'maverik' Sci-Fi publisher Baen, fall
under the "military" and/or "alternative history" genre of the sci-fi. He's
teamed up in this area with David Weber, who represents, in my view, the
'liberal' wing of military sci-fi, most of which is dominated by right-wing
militarist types like Chris Bunch and others.

My favorite works Flint's are what Adam mentioned: 1632 and 1633.
Essentially a town from present day West Virginia, is cut out of space time
and plopped down in the middle of central Germany during the middle of the
30  Years War in the early 17th century. Eric imparts his union and
socialist oriented values, with a town that, like many villages and small
cities in the state, were run by the Miners Union. Anyway, it's a real kick.

In the second volume, the sequel of what is likely to be around 4 sequels,
has some interesting 'revisionist' history to it, that Eric had written to
me, warning me of, when I suggested that the mostly Irish-American and
Scottish-American miners embark on a campaign to liberate Ireland. Eric's
answer to this is fascinating, and deals a lot with striking down many of
the myths surrounding Oliver Chromwell. One tidbit that Eric argues:
Cromwell hardly massacred any Irish...the murders were of English exile
Catholics settling in the east of the island. More flows from this,
obviously, and is somewhat central to the second stuff.

David Walters

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