publishing left journals?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Dec 22 17:54:58 MST 2002

earlier today Louis hoped that someday hard copy professional journals would
be replaced by the internet. as someone who publishes a journal called
Socialism and DEmocracy I hope not. there is a certain kind of reflection
that goes into writing an article which is abscent from email messages.
there has never been a unity of theory and praxis except in Lukacs's mind.
my argument is that there is still the need for professors and theoretical
reflection which may not have an immediate application to political action.
our own web page has some of our articles for people to read as a sample of
what we do. if we put them all up there would be no need for anyone to buy
the journal. I was for putting them all up, but was out voted by the
editorial board. some journals like Politics and Culture and Cultural Logic
publish only on the internet. others put up some or all of their articles on
their web pages.

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