Iraq says it will allow CIA in to select sites for inspectors

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Sun Dec 22 18:43:12 MST 2002

Iraqi officials say they will allow the CIA to come in and identify alleged
weapons sites for the inspectors to visit. I think Washington's latest
attempt to hit full acceleration in the war drive against Iraq is beginning
to get a little tangled, like its predecessors after 9/11/02, the
congressional vote, and the Security Council vote.

That still leaves the real possibility that the U.S. and Britain will decide
to cut the knot by taking the plunge, regardless of their growing
credibility problem.  Sufficient military forces for such an adventure --
and that's what it will be, in spite of Washington's vast military
superiority -- are already in position.
Fred Feldman

Iraq Defends Arms Report
Filed at 11:55 a.m. ET December 22
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq said on Sunday it was ready to answer any questions
raised by the United States and Britain on its arms declaration, and would
allow the CIA to come and identify suspect sites for weapons inspectors.

``We are ready to deal with each of those questions if you ask us,'' said
presidential adviser Amir al-Saadi.

``We do not even have any objections if the CIA sent somebody with the
inspectors to show them the suspected sites,'' he told a news conference in
Baghdad. He said chief weapons inspector Hans Blix had sent Iraq a ``formal
to provide a list of certain scientists and we are going to provide that
list before the end of this year.''

Saadi addressed specific questions raised by Washington and London, allies
which found that Baghdad's declaration fell short of meeting the U.N.
resolution to disarm
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