Lists of Corporations that armed Iraq with Weapons of Mass Destruction

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at
Mon Dec 23 00:02:59 MST 2002

This is interesting reading, I guess, but what worries me is that there may
be an implication here that corporations that sold weapons to Iraq are
particularly bad corporations, or that Iraq has no right to arm itself, or
that the United States should impose an arms blockade (that is, SANCTIONS)
on Iraq.  What about corporations that sold weapons to Saudi Arabia, or
Israel, or post-Nasser Egypt, or, much worse, the United States?  The list
of corporations that have provided the United States with weapons of mass
destruction would be a mile long.

My level of worry is particularly increased by the source of the list.
People should know that the leadership of the Chicago-based VVAW is
particularly liable to fall for the idea that the U.S. government should 'do
something' about other countries' 'bad' governments.  During the Gulf War of
1990 they bought into all the atrocity hoaxes, and during the bombardment of
Yugoslavia they were downright pro-war.  [This organization should not be
confused with the VVAW(Anti-Imperialist), which lives up to its name and
which has endorsed the Jan. 18 actions.]

Lou Paulsen

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