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I've just returned from seeing "Gangs of New York" and I was extremely
impressed.  I think what will make most American audiences turn against this
film is that in the end there isn't a sense that anyone was right or
justified.  All of the characters that you suspected you were supposed to be
cheering for turn out to be just as at fault.  That was the main point that
was hoping to be made, and I think Scorsese achieved it.  This hits home
especially hard right now as we stand on the brink of another war.  I did
have a few qualms with the story, particulary that women and blacks were
ignored too much, but I suppose a film does need one main point of view.
I was reminded of Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing."  In both films we have a
group of poor people, all in bad circumstances, turning against each other
in what is ultimately somewhat pointless fighting.  They're all struggling
to be somehow better or in a higher class and can't deal with the
realization that they aren't.  Classes are formed within the lowest class
and it takes a tragedy for all to realize that black, Irish, German, Polish,
whatever, they still won't ever mean shit to the folks who are really in
I'd like to say more but I'm rather tired so I fear that my thoughts aren't
very coherent.  Besides what I've already said, I will also mention that
"Gangs" is among the bloodiest movies I've ever seen and that Daniel
Day-Lewis' performance absolutely floored me.
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> Two somewhat conflicting appraisals of Scorcese's new film -- the first is
> from today's NYTimes, and is the most favorable review I've seen yet; the
> second is from the latest New Yorker, and directly takes up the question
> Louis raised about Scorcese's treatment of the 1863 Draft Riots. Like
> everyone else, other than professional reviewers, I haven't seen it yet -

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