Australian Socialist Alliance's sectarian record (for Peter B)

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at
Mon Dec 23 20:05:03 MST 2002

Thatyou for regurgitating that letter again. Ive only read it three times.
If you mean that asking us to join is non-sectarian, then i would not argue with you.
Whenever im near Steve O'brien he asks me to join, so according to peter there is non-sectarianiam all around.

As to what I consider sectarianism:
Well theres

# Bureaucratically dominating refugee campaign groups in many cities, and forming smaller sectarian wnes where it can not take over.
# Driving the anti-war movemment in 2001into the ground, making it too closely linked to the socialist alliance election campaign.
# Standing candidates against us in the City of Melbourne election preventing us from winning the seat.
# Addopting arrogant election slogans. "The only true anti-war vote". When the Greens, Democrats, PLP, CPA and SP and Communist League, all campaigned against the war.
# The farce in the Blue Mountains, where the SP announced we would stand there. Weeks after we had released a statement to the media, including GLW along with contacting the Socialist Alliance, the SA announced they would stand against us. As it turned out noone stood.

As to your point about the correspondence. I appologise, and if it really offends you us not replying, ill tell the comrades to reply next time i see them.

As for Alan Bradly's points:

The original DSP perspectives were that the alliance would attract giant support on the basis that socialists in the past had scored well in elections (citing our election results).  And that socialists overseas had electorally scored well due to "unity" in other countries (while citing the Blackburn by-election result which was achieved despite sabotage of the SWP).

If your perspectives had come about, the Socialist Alliance would have a significant active membership beyond its original affiliates. from my experience the amount of active independents could fit on a small bus.
Althouhg there are the much lauded ëxpansion of socialism in new areas". They are largely members of the DSP and ISO who live outside the cities, who were not neccessarily new people moving into politics.



To all left parties and individuals

Socialist Alliance candidates for the coming federal election

Dear Comrades,

A federal election is fast approaching and all the major parliamentary
parties -- including the Australian Labor Party --- are even more firmly
committed to the reactionary political agenda of social austerity,
privatisation, tax "reform" for the rich and attacks on the rights of
indigenous Australians, refugees, women and other oppressed groups. We wish
to propose urgent discussions between all serious socialist parties and
individual socialists about fielding Socialist Alliance candidates around
the country, in upper and lower houses of Parliament.

The success of the S11 blockade of the World Economic Forum in Melbourne
last year has given a new confidence to the radical left in this country.

In Britain, following the success of the London Socialist Alliance, most of
the active left (including the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers
Party) is united in Socialist Alliances for the next national elections. To
the north, the Scottish Socialist Party has achieved a higher degree of
left unity.

In Australia, socialist candidates from a number of parties have attracted
votes between 5-12% in several seats in recent years. Loose alliances and
non-aggression pacts have been formed in Melbourne and Perth.

We would envisage holding discussions over the next couple of weeks at the
national and local levels and proceed to organising a series of public
meetings around the country to launch and build a significant campaign.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested in
discussing further. This letter has been sent to the parties listed below
and advertised in Green Left Weekly and a number of progressive internet

Yours in solidarity

John Percy
DSP National Secretary

Peter Boyle
DSP National Election Campaign Organiser

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