Japan offers to join U.S. invasion of Iraq

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Dec 23 23:36:26 MST 2002

This is another indication that the momentum toward war has been
accelerating rapidly in recent weeks, despite the many forms of resistance
Washington is meeting from the transit workers' and longshore struggles and
antiwar protests in the U.S. to  a developing revolutionary process in
Venezuela to the explosion of anti-US protest in south Korea and the open
defiance of Washington's demands that the north unilaterally disarm.

For antiwar fighters in this country, this highlights the importance of
turning sharply toward building the January 18 march in Washington initiated
by ANSWER, setting aside any differences some of us may have with the
organizers on how to build the antiwar fight.
Fred Feldman

TOKYO, Dec 23 (AFP) - Japan has unofficially offered
its support for a US-led attack on Iraq to make up for
its belated and largely unappreciated support for the
Gulf War in 1991, a report said Monday.

The government gave its unofficial pledge of support
to US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage this
month in Tokyo, Kyodo news agency reported, citing
unidentified sources close to the government.

The foreign ministry could not be reached for comment
Monday, a public holiday.

The early offer reflects the fact that Japan's belated
support for US-led attacks on Iraq in January 1991 did
not receive meaningful appreciation in the
international community, the sources said.

The announcement shows Japan does not want to make the
same "mistake" again, Kyodo reported the sources as

Armitage was in Japan from December 8 to 10 and met
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and top cabinet
ministers to drum up support for a possible war with
Iraq and to thank Japan for its support in the
military campaign in Afghanistan.

Japan sent a hi-tech Aegis destroyer to the Indian
Ocean last week to protect Japanese vessels' refueling
of US military ships, a type of rear-guard support
that the government says does not violate the nation's
peace constitution.

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