Lists of Corporations that armed Iraq with Weapons of Mass Destruction

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Tue Dec 24 05:56:04 MST 2002

Lou Paulson wrote: < This is interesting reading, I guess, but what worries
me is that there may be an implication here that corporations that sold
weapons to Iraq are particularly bad corporations, or that Iraq has no right
to arm itself, or that the United States should impose an arms blockade
(that is, SANCTIONS) on Iraq.  What about corporations that sold weapons to
Saudi Arabia, or Israel, or post-Nasser Egypt, or, much worse, the United
States?  The list of corporations that have provided the United States with
weapons of mass destruction would be a mile long. >

This is an excellent point. What anti-war researchers should do both in
Europe and the USA is to compile a list of 'weapons of mass destruction'
that have been supplied to and are held by other countries in the Middle
East, especially those close to the USA, and also to compile a list of the
manufacturers that have provided them. It would be very interesting to see
how much more weaponry, of both a lesser and bigger variety, these countries
hold compared to Iraq, even when the latter was at the peak of its power.

Paul F

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