Japan offers to join U.S. invasion of Iraq

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 24 21:54:58 MST 2002

One spin on this 'support' over here in Japan is
that active involvement now is far cheaper than
waiting for the US to come forcefully with open
hand. The first Persian Gulf War cost Japan's
taxpayers 12-16 billion dollars (depending on
whose accounting and which exchange rate you
A few billion were also paid to the UK.

Moreover, Japan's naval self-defence force ships
did frontline minesweeping duties for the US in
the last Persian Gulf War.

I think it mostly fruitless to argue about the
constitutionality of Japan's self defence forces
deploying overseas. The Japan constitution was
violated long ago when the current self defence
forces were formed. The constitution was also
violated when Japan entered a defense treaty with
the US that more or less has Japan paying to
quarter US personnel here for potentially
offensive military action elsewhere in Asia and
the world.

Charles Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan

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