Japan-N. Korea relations abducted by abductions' issue

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 24 23:04:47 MST 2002

There has been a lot of coverage lately on
Japanese TV about the so-called 'abductions'
issue with North Korea. This issue
epistemlogically borders on cattle mutilations,
crop signs, and desire for peace in the White

Let's put it in perspective: at any one time,
some 100,000 people are officially listed as
'missing' in Japan. I have no doubt that the vast
majority of these people just don't want to be
found (like deadbeat dads, or women escaping
prostitution, etc.).

However, no doubt as well, some of these people
are missing because they have become victims of
crime, such as kidnapping and murder (there was
that one case solved a couple years ago of the
missing girl who was being kept for years as a
sex slave by a young man in an upstairs room not
that far from where she had been abducted--great
police work there!).

The biggest complication of the 'abduction'
issue, though, is what went on from the fifties
to the eighties. Many of the Korean laborers
forced to go to Japan during the colonial period
(1910-1945)(and these laborers' offspring), went
back to the Koreas, including tens of thousands
going back to N. Korea. The twist was that at
least 1800 Japanese women also went with them,
since they were Japanese women married to Korean
men. Such a large movement was bound to be used
by the different sides to gather intelligence and
do ongoing spying. And of those Japanized Koreans
and Japanese who ended up in N. Korea, no doubt,
some wanted to go back to Japan but weren't

Perhaps the most telling statistic in this
propaganda and disinformation mess is that the
Japanese government demanded at different times
that N. Korea account for 10 or 11 missing
Japanese (as known abductees), and N. Korea
accounted for 13!

My conclusion is that this is mostly a bogus
issue, and deep down, I shouldn't be surprised if
most Japanese (including many of Korean
descent)think so too. Consider:


66% of Japanese favor links with North Korea

A total of 66.1 percent of Japanese responding to
a poll are in favor of establishing diplomatic
ties with North Korea while 26 percent remain
opposed, according to a Cabinet Office survey
released Saturday.

C. Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan

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