Howard Zinn and the liberal hawks

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Subject: Howard Zinn and the liberal hawks

> (Proyect's note):
>(While exhibiting the typical snideness of tone and liberal bias of the
> USA's best-known "alternative" weekly, this article does to some degree
> repudiate the Nation Magazine et al's redbaiting, since Howard Zinn's
> authority is beyond reproach.)

Particularly symptomatic is the use of Clark's membership in the Int'l
Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic as if this datum negated Clark
completely as a human being.  The idea that Milosevic COULD have a defense,
or that the Hague show trial might be subject to any criticism,  is
completely alien to the liberal mainstream.

(The article)
> Zinn
> dismisses criticisms of the NION organizers' positions and biases, saying
> their commonality greatly overshadows whatever differences he may have
with > the other signatories. "A movement's success is based on what it says
> what it does, not who is organizing it," he says.

Zinn also endorsed Oct. 26 and is endorsing Jan. 18.  The article pointedly
does not mention this, and tries to put a distinction between ANSWER and
NION in Zinn's mouth.  People should take note of the fact that ALL of these
coalitions overlap considerably, in their members, audiences, and speakers'

Lou Paulsen

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