Joseph Campbell's antisemitism

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> Campbell's darkest side was his antisemitism, forcefully detailed by
> Brendan Gill in the New York Review of Books (Sept. 28, 1989). The Larsens
> dismiss it with a brief reference to "so-called bigotry." Campbell once
> said he moved to Bronxville to escape from Jews, and that the moon would be
> a good place to send them. He objected to blacks entering Sarah Lawrence.
> He threatened to flunk, and once did, any student who engaged in leftist
> political action.

Well, I guess that settles it. I'll have to look up that NYRB article. Is
Campbell's oblique writing a common trait in modern academic anti-semitism?
I've heard it alleged that Marshall McLuhan, one of a number of 1930s
academics who converted to Catholicism was something of a crypto-fascist who
hid his beliefs through his oblique use of language.


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