Howard Zinn and the liberal hawks

Bob Anderson citizen at
Wed Dec 25 13:31:40 MST 2002

> In contrast, last week's Win Without War letter, signed mostly by
> celebrities (Martin Sheen, Janeane Garofalo), along with Zinn and a few
> retired military personnel, is a focused statement of opposition to a hasty
> war in Iraq.... Win Without War demands a patient tolerance of inspections and
a peaceful resolution to the Iraq crisis, while at the same time
acknowledging the danger that Saddam's thirst for big weapons poses.

I like Zinn a lot and was surprised he signed the WWW letter as it
tactically promotes peace but strategically negates the right of self
determination for countries opposing the U.S. with the call for imperialist
mandated inspections, to further the eventual disarmament of that nation or
a regime change to leaders more accountable.  The biggest danger from the
possession of big weapons, ie weapons of mass destruction, is from the U.S.,
not Iraq, which may or may not have them.  This argument also disarms N
Korea and forces them into the imperialist camp.  N Korea proves a logic for
successful self determination.  The Voice article while trying to
backhandedly whip up on Zinn really exposes the depth to which the imperial
ideology has penetrated our lives in the the post-60s/cold war era.  We are
in need some serious theoretical maintenance if we are to go forward.

bob anderson

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