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The neurological evidence goes even further: it shows
that these patients also lose something subtle and
infinitely valuable: the sense of an integral self, of
having an individual identity which Descartes ascribed
to a unifying "soul." Such feelings of selfhood,
Damasio shows, are actually anchored as on bedrock on
a living sameness of background feelings which are
constantly backward by forward by nerves and chemicals
(neurotransmitters and peptides) to the cortex -
information about body states once again. Without this
updated full flow of information about current body
states, the sense of selfhood diminishes, as does an
existential sense: a sense of "being." Feelings offer
humans much more than just glimpses of what is going
on "below the chin." In neurological terms, the brain
systems for reasoning, logic, and rational choice in
one's self-interest are fully integrated with both the
systems of neurons that report backward to the brain
one's bodily and visceral states, as well as with the
emotional centers of the cortex. Neurologically
speaking, not only do the emotions guide logic, but
boost and enhance neural systems which are adjuncts to
thought, such as the circuits for focusing attention,
working memory, mental imaging, etc.

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