Clash quotes to remember Joe by.........

Mike Ballard swillsqueal at
Wed Dec 25 17:16:25 MST 2002

Some favorite Clash quotes:

Yankee dollars speak to the dictators of the world
In fact they're giving orders, and they can't afford
to miss a word
I'm so booooored with the USA!.......from "The Clash"

Cookin up the books, a respected occupation
the anchor and foundation of multi-corporations
They don't believe in crime, they know that it exists
To understand what's right and wrong the lawyers work
in shifts
The lawyers work in shifts.........from "Sandinista"

The judge said five to ten but I said double that
I'm not workin' for the clampdown
No man born with a living soul can be workin' for the
Kick over the walls, cause government to fall, how can
you refuse it
Let fury have its hour, anger can be power, do you
know that you can use it?....from "London Calling"

You can't live in a home which should not have been
By bourgeois clerks who have no guilt
When the wind hits this building, this building it
One day it will surely fall to the ground
Alianza dollars are spent to raise the towering
For the weary bones of the workers to go back in the
To be strong in the morning..........from "Sandinista"

You don't need no silicon to calculate
poverty.........from "Sandinista"

"Man first begins to philosophize when the necessitites of life are supplied."  Aristotle

"determinatio est negatio"  Spinoza

"There are no ordinary cats."  Colette

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