Why any war with Iraq will be over in a

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 25 20:18:39 MST 2002

This article contains a lot of all-out propaganda
concerning the effectiveness of these weapons. As
the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia showed,
the US will not do direct terror bombing of the
sort that would create huge civilian casualties.
However, it will knock out infrastructure and, in
the process of 'precision' targetting of
military, it will kill a lot of civilians in the

The game plan shaping up really relies heavily on
the same old stuff. The basic strategy is to drop
bombs til Hussein collapses. There is nothing
really altogether that high-tech about it. If
Iraq puts up effective anti-aircraft fire, it
will be high altitude bombing with satellite
positioning and laser guidance on the ground.

You can be sure that the US Navy has a huge role
in the war, even with Turkey and small Persian
Gulf states acting as bases. The innovation here
is that, unopposed at sea, the US Navy can act as
a huge portable air force.

And you can be sure that the US has used the past
year to stockpile bombs. It's obvious the biggest
delay was that the US had used up much of its
bombs on Afghanistan, even though those bombs,
pre-9-11 had been intended for the big campaign
against Iraq (in planning among top Republicans
and Democrats in the Senate since 1998, with the
war being a major part of either Republican or
Democratic presidency after Clinton).

They will occupy N. Iraq and S. Iraq up to the
two key cities. Once those fall, they will
encircle Baghdad and hope it plays out like it
did in Afghanistan. The US will field train
mercenaries to do laser pointing and GPS data
feeds and they will bomb until they get the
kills. If Baghdad empties of civilians, the
humanitarian crisis will be huge, but the US will
be free to bomb as it pleases and say it is
avoiding civilian casualties as much as possible
(never mind than the tens of thousands who will
die have been impressed into service in Iraq ).
I would suppose if the world could swallow tens
of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan (I'm
including combatants here, though again, how
voluntary they were will never be known), it will
probably swallow this and get on with shopping.

C. Jannuzi

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