Pro-China rally in Hong Kong larger than expected

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Henry, your article at is
interesting. I wonder who the "Radical leftists" you refer to are that the
local SAR gov't in HK have been cracking down on??? Certainly not the
supporters of the PRC? I visited with many of these leftists recently, all
"China Patriots", even the immigrant labor groups and some of the pro-China
Labor Federation folks...all live in UTTER FEAR of this new
Article/Law...because they know exactly who it's aimed at...them. It's not
aimed at the "neo-imperialist lackey's" you describe in your article, they
aready run HK...they support the groups, employer groups,

You have a SAR gov't that rules at the behest of the PRC. You have an
utterly destroyed manufacturing base. You have laws  that even restrict to
50 the number of people on a picket line or demonstration...I witnessed one
such rally where the cops spent their time, about every 4 minutes, counting
to make sure we didn't go over the limit (it was a rally against the
Malyasian gov'ts murder of immigrant Filipino workers at a workers hotel in
Malaysia)...ready to pounce on our butts (tactical squads at the ready,
fully armored) on the alley next door...

The fact that the Bush administration (which, BTW, is still providing
"antiterrorism" training to HK police and has even set up an office much for sovereignty!) has "condemned" the law is so much
propaganda for the US gov't so as to throw marshmallows of distain at the
PRC and keep the conservatives at bay in Washington, DC..they bounce off the
PRC and capitalism spreads further as the SAR further attacks workers and encompasses the grinding exploitation of China's working
class in the Special Economic Zones and beyond.

I would put it this least for Hong Kong...does Article 23 and it's
progeny enhance the ability of the working class of HK to defend it self
against the bosses that run the territory or does it hinder them? Remember,
it's "once country, two systems" what class rules in HK? There you
will have your answer as to the "patriotic" nature of the law...and "whose"
patriotism it's supposed to represent.

David Walters

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