Turkey parliament human rights unit opposes Iraq war

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Dec 26 18:24:04 MST 2002

Subject: Turkey's human rights commission opposes Iraq war

Reuters. 26 December 2002. Turkey's human rights commission opposes Iraq

ANKARA -- The Turkish parliament's human rights commission issued a
non-binding declaration on Thursday opposing war in neighbouring Iraq,
highlighting the NATO ally's uneasiness over a potential U.S.-led

"We are saying 'No' to Turkey entering a war because war is a crime
against humanity. It is the time when the severest human rights
violations are experienced," the commission said in its declaration.

"Turkey should not choose sides in this war."

"Turkey's concerns with this war should be about the innocent children
and women, who have been deprived of basic food and medicine for years
under a so-called embargo and who could suffer worse conditions or lose
their lives, not with the financial damage it will suffer," the
declaration said.

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