They're still waiting for the procrastinating shopper

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Fri Dec 27 16:23:41 MST 2002

Here's a question for the economists on this list. What does it mean for
Walmart et al to have a bad shopping season, when so much of what they
sell comes from China and other countries where the working class has
little spending power?

How much is industrial production in the US itself affected by this
retail down-draft?

  Jon Flanders

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 17:55, Jim Farmelant wrote:
> I saw rather similar blather in todays NY Times and
> Boston Globe.  The question in my mind, is who
> these writers and pundits trying to kid.  Are they
> trying to humor the "procrasting shoppers" themselves,

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