socialism v. capitalism?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Dec 29 11:13:35 MST 2002

Bill Mandel remarks, " And the economic record shows
that a market economy, for all its ups and downs and
unfairness and cruelty, brings a higher living standard to a
larger proportion of the people than does Marxist socialism. " now, on the
surface this seems to be a valid statement. but what is the basis for
comparison? the advanced capitalist societies do pretty well in providing
goods and services to most people. but what about the rest of the capitalist
world? well, there the story is not so clear. many people throughout Asia,
Africa and Latin America do not live very well under market economies. why
was it necessary for Mandel to throw out the baby with the bath water
because the Soviet centrally planned economies failed. is this the God that
failed all over again? and just how can anyone know that a better form of
society is not possible?

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