socialism v. capitalism?

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Sun Dec 29 11:59:43 MST 2002

George Snedeker wrote:

>Bill Mandel remarks, " And the economic record shows
>that a market economy, for all its ups and downs and
>unfairness and cruelty, brings a higher living standard to a
>larger proportion of the people than does Marxist socialism. " now, on the
>surface this seems to be a valid statement.
No, it is not a valid statement even on the surface.  The hgher standard
of living is the result of imperialism, as slavery delivered a higher
standard of living to the Southern economy.  There were periods in
history when socialist organization produced steady advances, even as
late as the USSR in the 1930s.  Socialism failed in the 20th century
beccause it was forced to compete with capitalism on capitalistic terms,
and lost materially by defintion.  If success was measure in terms of
equality, socialism still wins hands down. Bill Mnadel has paid his due
for the movement and one can sympathesize with his bitter
disillusionment.  But his lost of faith is nevertheless not justified.
 He could be an inspiration to the young, but alas, he chooses to go a
different route,  at the very moment when capitalism is on a self
destructive path.  He will again be disillusioned by his late embrace of

Henry C.K. Liu

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