Holocaust-like events?

George Snedeker snedeker at concentric.net
Sun Dec 29 16:33:38 MST 2002

I have been reading Douglas Porpora's book, Why Holocausts Happen. it is a
thoughtful and carefully written comparative study of Nazi Germany's
policies of extermination and the U.S. policies in Central America in the
1980s. the question is why do we let these kinds of genocidal policies take
place. Germany was a police state where people were killed if they
protested. Porpora mentions the case of a group called the White Rose who
were arrested for printing a pamphlet. in the U.S. people were in much less
personal danger and most did very little to prevent genocide from taking
place. now most people are doing very little to help  those people being
held in federal prisons for the last year without being charged with a
crime. Porpora does not argue that the U.S. policies in Central America were
just like Nazi Germany, only that these two situations can be compared as
part of a political analysis of moral responsibility. it seems to me that
this kind of analysis is important in the present political context. the
book is published by Temple and is still in print.

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