Radio Havana editorial assesses class struggle in Venezuela

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Sun Dec 29 17:51:28 MST 2002

Radio Havana Cuba editorial:
The Venezuelan People Continue Struggling To Preserve Their Government
December 27th, 2002

A class struggle has been occurring in Venezuela for the past 26 days, when
the oligarchy decided to do whatever was necessary to preserve its privilege
and control-and along with that, their profits- from the exploitation of the
country's natural resources. Hoping to topple the government of President
Hugo Chavez, coup plotters, or "the opposition" as they prefer to be called,
initiated a labor strike which has focused primarily on gaining control of
the country's most critical industry: petroleum, the government's most
important source of hard currency.

The problem is that it has been impossible for the traditionally dominant
class in Venezuela to let go of the industry that has been filling their
bank accounts for decades. Included are the traditional political parties
and various foreign groups interested in maintaining the status quo. In
order to achieve their goals, the ruling elite, since their failed coup last
April, have been attempting to force Chavez from office, taking advantage of
their nearly total control of Venezuela's means of communication and the
"generous" collaboration of the big, multinational news chains, which
haven't ceased in their efforts to distort the news coming out of Venezuela.

Only in this case the "big lie" theory favored by the nazis, that if you
repeat a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth, has not worked. And
though the press has insisted on manufacturing a false image of the strength
of the strike, it is, in fact weakening day by day. Proof of that is the
growing stabilization of the energy industry, with the state-owned Petróleos
de Venezuela nearly under the total control of the Chavez government, and
the normalization of the domestic fuel supply. And like a boomerang which
has come back to strike those who threw it, the country's largest
corporation is ever closer to becoming truly nationalized, meaning that the
profits and benefits will go directly to the people and not a small group of
ruling-class managers.

The oil strike, which has been declared illegal by the Venezuelan Supreme
Court, has also offered a magnificent opportunity to clean out the huge
PDVSA Oil company and change it into a true public entity, by the people and
for the people. And though we can expect more twists and turns from the
desperate class that is on verge of being expelled from power, and which has
elicited support from powerful "friends" both inside and outside Venezuela,
in fact, the crisis has strengthened even more the government of Hugo
Chavez. And in the upcoming days the Venezuelan government will have even
more regional friends, when the government of Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva in
Brazil takes power, something that the enemies of the people wished to avoid
at all costs.

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