Protest bombing of Vieques and U.S. war on January 13

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Urgent Call To Action:
January 13 Protest Navy bombing practice of Vieques!

All out Monday, January 13, 2003 - 4:30 p.m., Times Square, New York City.

Protest the U.S. Navy announced resumption of bombing practices in Vieques,
Puerto Rico. These planned bombing rehearsals scheduled to begin on January
13 will last a period of 29 days, adding to the destruction already caused
by U.S. military activity in Vieques.

The Committee for the Rescue & Development of Vieques is calling on peace
loving people everywhere to engage in actions of support. Using the pretense
of fighting "terrorism," U.S. arrogance in the Middle East has intensified
while its intentions to defy the wishes of the Puerto Rican people is
becoming more

Since the early 1940's, U.S. wars have been practiced on Vieques, Puerto
Rico. The people there have suffered the economic, health and environmental
consequences of bombings and military maneuvers, in which depleted uranium
and other deadly substances have been used.

The abuses committed against the people of Vieques by the Navy must stop as
well as every preparation for war the U.S. government makes against Iraq.

Now more than ever, the people of Vieques must be supported in their effort
to stop the bombing of their island home - a first stage of the war on Iraq.
The devastation and death the U.S. military has caused in Vieques is a
glimps of what the U.S. will bring upon Iraq and many other countries if
Pentagon war preparations are not halted.

The U.S. Navy must leave Vieques, begin a process of
decontamination, issue reparations and return the land to the people. Enougn
is enough! Join others on January 13th to demand an end to injustice.

Bring your signs, noisemakers and spirit. Let the world know that the U.S.
Navy bombing practice in Vieques amounts to U.S. terrorism. Vieques will not
be used to commit another war of genocide on the people of Iraq.

For more information on the January 13th protest in New York City, contact
the Vieques Support Campaign at (212)677-0619 or (212)601-4751 or by e-mail
at mail at

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