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Mon Dec 30 11:24:51 MST 2002

Walter Lippmann writes: "I wish there were
more direct experience-based comments
posted to the list to complement those
based on theoretical considerations."

Check this out,
(courtesy of Barry Stoller's Proletarian News
<> ):

Majority of Russians want to go back to the USSR: new poll.

AFP. 30 December 2002.

MOSCOW -- Nearly seven out of 10 Russians wish the Soviet Union had
never collapsed, according to a new poll released Monday on the 80th
anniversary of the creation of the Communist bloc.

Some 68 percent of those polled said they regretted the union's
disappearance, while 25 percent said they did not, according to the
Vtsiom Institute poll quoted by the Interfax news agency.

Three-fourths of the 1,600 Russians polled said that the Soviet Union
was better suited to fostering people's social and economic growth, the
poll found.

Some 55 percent of those polled also said they thought of the USSR as a
voluntary union of free states, while [only] 34 percent said it was a
Russian imperialist group made up of subordinate republics.

And 59 percent said the Soviet Union's break-up in 1991 could have been
avoided, while [only] one-third of those polled said the fall of
Communism was inevitable.

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