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Mon Dec 30 15:16:03 MST 2002

Note by Hunterbear:

This is a brief postscript [apropos of a short discussion on Redbadbear]
to the material I posted yesterday on FOIA/PA requests/demands
for FBI files:


>From Hunterbear:

It proved very useful in my FOIA/PA request/demand to provide a basic
outline of subject areas and organizations in which I might well be "found."
There were some indications early on that FBI was very deliberately and
substantially dragging its feet: long delays and  diversionary things and,
for a time, comparatively limited material. I pushed them very hard indeed
and eventually some really interesting and revealing stuff emerged. And
virtually all of this ultimately secured material proved to be intricately
and formally linked together -- by FBI -- to me as the subject target.

Although I utilized no lawyer in my almost decade long struggle to get the
3,000 pages of my file[s], I did use, at several points, the good and very
willing offices of Congressmen Ed Boland and Don Edwards -- each a major
critic of FBI and other intelligence-gathering outfits.  They found my
resume very useful in their advocacy work on my behalf -- some of which they
carried directly and relatively effectively to the Director himself, the
not-inclined-to-be-helpful William Webster.  As I've noted, there are still
several hundred pages FBI refuses to give me -- on grounds of "national
security" and "protecting informants," etc.  In those cases, I filed the
appropriate administrative appeals.  I may some day go into Federal court to
seek the still withheld several hundred pages.

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