The Forthcoming War and Public Opinion

Ben Courtice benj at
Tue Dec 31 18:41:38 MST 2002

Thanks for the post, Paul...

I think you have to a significant extent explained the contradiction
facing the left in Australia too, and sadly my impressions are that the
US isn't much different either.

However, there are some signs of hope. The rising vote for the
(anti-war) Greens in Australia gives some hope that people still are
looking for an alternative political course for the nation. Also,
globally, the (mainly young) crowd who partook of the protests at
Seattle, Prague, Genoa etc etc haven't all disappeared. They are still
here and could be an important element of the anti-war movement.

> although this will give the left an opportunity to raise political issues, because we are weak and able only to approach a relatively small number of people, the main effect will be to strengthen the sense of political estrangement and apathy.

Given that STWC has organised massive demos, what do you think needs to
be done as the next step -- if we are to try to avert the gloomy
scenario you portray, i.e. strengthening apathy?
Or are the demonstrations' size not reflective of their real strength?

Ben Courtice

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