Munich plans protest ban

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Fri Feb 1 06:20:50 MST 2002

> > The two demonstrations on Friday and Saturday have been just banned by
> > city of Munich. An appeal against the ban has already been filed before
> > Munich court.

The ban has been supported by two courts last night. At the moment there is
some confusion whether an appeal before the constitutional court is filed.
Meanwhile Bavarian state radio is quoting police sources saying militant
demonstrators are on their way to Munich.
There is already a strong police presence on the central squares
(Marienplatz, Karlsplatz), but the situation seems to be still calm.
Webcams: (Karlsplatz) (Marienplatz)

The BBC website is carrying this report:

Friday, 1 February, 2002, 12:24 GMT
Protesters appeal against Munich ban
Demonstrators are to appeal to Germany's highest court to overturn a ban on
protests during a high-level defence conference in Munich this weekend.
The anti-Nato protesters say that the city authorities' decision to ban
demonstrations is unconstitutional.
But the city fears that the arrival of thousands of anti-globalisation
activists could result in the kind of violence which accompanied many of
last year's international summits.
About 400 defence experts from almost all the Nato countries will attend the
conference, which will discuss the fight against terrorism and Nato's
planned expansion.

Full text at:

Johannes, Munich

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