The Ripening of Time

Liam O'Ruairc loruairc at
Fri Feb 1 06:26:08 MST 2002

There was in Ireland an Althusserian  group circa 1975-1985 called 
"Revolutionary Struggle". It was a weird group of obscure Algerian origins 
and was lead by a Greek guy (I think). One of its leading members was 
Ursuala Barry (the niece of Irish foreign minister Peter Barry -who was 
involved in the Anglo-Irish agreement). The group came to the attention of 
the wider public when during the 1981 hunger strikes, the kneecaped a 
Business studies lecturer in Trinity College Dublin. (the episode is told in 
"Ten Men Dead", by D. Berresford).
RS published a journal called "The Ripening of Time", which ws quite good 
and had a significant international audience. (some in the list may remember 
it). They had articles from the likes of Poulantzas, Gunder Frank, G. 
Gilmore, etc. Would anyone know if some of RS are still around


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