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Fri Feb 1 11:01:44 MST 2002

I've received many interesting and supportive emails after the publication
of my  piece, "Eliding the Truth: Proud to Be an American?"  This is one of
the most interesting -- which I thought I would share with you.



   Mr. Moore, greetings from México. First, let me introduce myself. Being
born an Indian almost 42 years ago, I was named Tomás, after one of my
uncles, whom I never got to know because wretched poverty didn't allow him
to reach his forties. He wasn't as lucky a man as I am.
  I have just read, printed, and sent to some of my English students your
article on the Counterpunch entitled "Proud To Be An American?". I usually
make use of this kind of material to help my students advance in this so
challenging subject of learning new languages, in this case, English. I am
currently teaching English at an oil-refining plant so the technicians can
understand the English-written operation manuals for all this
foreign-technology equipment Pemex has to get from the USA and other
  This time I feel prompted to get in touch with you in order to share some
You are absolutely right on your comments about the way the Gringos, as we
call you around here, have dealt with Indians and other cultures throughout
history. In fact, I think everybody knows about this dealing everywhere.
Even there in the United States, all of you know that the so call Americans
-We Mexicans and all the people living from Argentina to Guatemala are not
in the American Continent? -have  been pilfering other countries' resources
in order to enjoy the lifestyle you have reached so far. Americans all know
this, unless they have been completely brain-washed, or they are real
    And I'm not talking just about the utter pillage of material resources
and lands; it also has to do with the robbery of knowledge and skills. Lots
of Mexicans who have a great potential to be developed here flock to that
country to work as waiters o taxi drivers at best, after they haven't been
able to land a job here as doctors, lawyers or any other professions.
Granted, most of those who flee this country are just blue collar workers,
and it is not the American's fault that these guys leave this country trying
to find a better life out there. But then again, they represent a labor
force, which if used properly here, would yield this nation a lot of wealth.
And that not to mention the thousands of well-prepared people who abandon
this country because they are offered a better-paying job after they finish
their Master Degree over there in the States.
   I think America is like a lion: unjust, fierce, cruel and powerful. It is
as though your country were at the top of the chain food. And your
crossed-eyed leader believes you are the best people in this world. Los of
people would say, maybe not the best, but the Beast,according to the Bible.
Perhaps a lion thinks he is the best animal in the animal kingdom.
  Look, Mr. Moore. Your voice is not the only one voice in the world trying
to tell and show the truth. That is the way the powerful treat the weak. I
sincerely believe that lots of Americans share your thoughts, but they are
afraid to be on your side. We can't justify this kind of plundering ant
attitude toward less-armed people but it is not only the American Goverment
but also the European Powers, from the past and the present, who have done
the same.
  Take my case for example. As I told you before I was born an Indian, a
Mexican Indian. My native language is Zapotec, from the State of Oaxaca, in
Southern México. My grandparents never spoke Spanish. Then, when I was
seven, I had to learn Spanish. Some years later, I started to learn English.
My children speak Spanish, and they know some English too, but they don't
know my native language, which is doomed to extinction. As you can see, the
more powerful culture prevails, unfortunately.
   I'm still struggling to learn more English, and let me tell you that the
nicest people I have happened to meet are Americans. That's why I tell you I
believe that it is the Government, not the individuals, the one responsible
for this kind of plundering. You may say it is the people who pick out their
givernment, but history shows clearly it is not always that way.
   There are lots of people here who really hate Americans. They detest
these guys because of all the rotten path of robbery your country has
established, sometimes in the name of God. Like the fifteen-century
Spaniards, Americans have tried and somehow managed to teach other peoples
how to live, how to think and what language to speak. They have told the
world what to eat, what to wear, what to wish and what kind of government
system to establish in their countries. Nowadays, if you oppose to this
desire, you are bombed, invaded, and considered terrorist.
    However, the irony of all this stuff is that a good deal of the American
Lifestyle: Illegal drug abuse, pornography, immorality and money-hungry
minds is exactly the opposite to what God teaches in all cultures, and it
goes counter to what a balanced mind would consider right. What's more,
Americans call themselves Christians! It's unbelievable! Jesus Christ said:
"Forgive them, Father, Because they don't know what they are doing." And
what did most Americans say when Mr. Bush decided to bomb Afhgsnistan? "Kill
them! Get even on them, because they hurt us". But they don't mention what
American sponsored armies are doing to these people in those lands.
   Sad to say, somehow Mexicans now think in the same way Americans do - all
most of us want from you is your money when you come to visit us as
tourists. We sell you everything you can buy, from handicrafts and drugs, to
sex. Just come to Cancún, Acapulco or any other resort place and you'll see
if my statement holds true.
   I hope your voice is echoed among Americans so some day your governing
powers and your people could look at other cultures in a different way. As
you say, becoming more humble is the word, realizing there are other people
in the planet who are neither inferior nor superior but only different from
   Congratulations, Mr. Moore. Best Regards and a big hug for you and your
students. Feel free to contact me if you wish so. Good bye.

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