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Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Fri Feb 1 11:13:53 MST 2002

i must say one of the highlights of this list is hearing Jim Craven
talk about his daughter Christina and her take on things political.

les schaffer

Thanks Les, I am really amazed at some of the stuff my daughter comes up
with. Louis can attest that she is as comfortable sleeping in a tipi on a
poor Rez as in a motel in Browning--perhaps more so. Christina goes with me
to Canada and we stay on the Squamish Reserve and other Reserves to do
political work. Her responses are not simply that of a child trying to
please her father, she really knows and understands and believes what she

One more quick story: I first took Christina flying when she was
3-and-a-half years old (she said later she was scared but didn't want to
show it because she didn't want to "disappoint me"--her words exactly). Well
she really enjoys going to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle
and we spend all day looking at airplanes, flying the simulator and riding
in the full-motion simulator (views and motions of an F-18 being launched
off a carrier to do attacks against Iraq--really). Well two weeks ago she
said "I want to go to the Museum of Flight" (which by the way is about a
two-hour drive from north of Seattle where we are). I said that I was a bit
tired and the two-hour drive was too much for me at that moment. I asked why
she really wanted to go that instant as we have been to the museum many
times. Her answer? She said, and this is absolutely true, "I saw on the news
that some people at the museum are going to lose their jobs because not
enough people are going to the museum, so if we go and spend money, maybe
they won't lose their jobs."

I about shit on the spot. It really blew my mind. And I was so proud that
she cared about more than the next toy or tv show; she really cared/cares
about those less fortunate and oppressed--and not just Indians.


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