Adolf Douai

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Fri Feb 1 13:48:52 MST 2002

People might be interested to know that the town of Comfort, Texas
was founded by Forty-Eighters who having left Germany for the
US, settled in Texas.  Not unlike Douai, they tended to be
radical freethinkers in their religious views.   I recall that
a few years ago, quite a stir was raised there when some
local atheists proposed to set up a rock as a monument
to the freethinkers that founded the town. This didn't
sit too well with the conservative Christians who dominate
the are now a days.

Also people may wish to check out the following link
for information concerning the Treue der Union Monument
which is dedicated to a number of townspeople who were
massacred during the  American Civil War by Confederate soldiers.
These townspeople were attempting to escape into Mexico in order to join
Union army.
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