RRojas Databank

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RRojas Databank

It is my pleasure and duty to inform and/or remind cdes of a rich site:

Created and managed by Dr. Róbinson Rojas,
RRojas Databank is an academic site
promoting excellence in teaching and researching economics
 and development, and the advancing of describing,
 understanding, explaining and theorizing.
 It has a dual purpose:
 a) to publish electronic versions of books, papers, notes and
 statistical and analytical material related to economics
 and development studies, and
 b) to facilitate easy access to major sources of academic
 information for development studies, and related


dedicated to the memory of Salvador Allende,
 Victor Jara, Orlando Letelier, Carlos Prats, and thousands of
 other Chilean and foreign citizens assassinated by order of Pinochet,
 Merino, Leigh and Mendoza, the four bandits who victimized
 the Chilean people during almost twenty years in complicity with
 U.S. transnational corporations and international ringleaders
 like Henry Kissinger to meet the economic and political needs
 of the international capitalist class.

Sections on globalization, poverty, development & sustainability,
as well as Chile, China, etc.  The globalization page starts with
this quote:

'Globalisation of the economy
 is a new kind of corporate colonialism
 visited upon poor countries
 and the poor in rich countries.'
---Vandana Shiva

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