Kangaroo court/Milosevic trial/Serbia

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Fri Feb 1 18:40:23 MST 2002

     Milosevic is no more a hero then George W Bush.
Genocide was committed in Kosovo. What is another valid reason
of thousands of Muslims fleeing into bordering Muslim and Muslim
friendly nations, and telling storeys of genocide (of course these
storeys were greatly over exaggerated by the media however they
in fact occurred), unless you consider it a big imperialist trick by
the Forces of Zion to make it seem that way, of course  the second
option is ridiculous.
	Sharon and Milosevic should have a duel war crimes trail, it is
hypocritical to call for the head of one Maniac and refuse to take
that of another. Sure you could say that all those people just
decided to leave the country and be refuges on their own, just like
the palestinians, although that argument is ludicrous.
	Milosevic is not any sort of left overs from the old Yugoslavia.
As I recall, the old yugoslavia was united peacefully, it didn't create
war with itself, especially not on the grounds of religion. Just
because you disagree with the USA and big imperialism doesn't
make you a socialist, or even progressive, if it did, then the Taliban
would qualify.
	I have never been to Yugoslavia, any part of it, before or after Milosevic
, however, using basic judgemental skills, I have determined Milosevic to be
the opposite of progressive. When thousands of people mobilize in the street,
to make sure this man is no longer president says that he must
have not been loved very well. Name some of the things he did that
were so great people hated him.
	I do not, and never will support the US action in the region, or
imperialist attacks,  if Milosevic would have won it would have been
better for making revolution in America. However, he did not win,
and this man should not be heralded as a socialist or progressive,
because it would reflect badly on socialists/communists, and
because it is not true.

Cort Travis

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