kids say the damndest...truths

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sat Feb 2 08:33:52 MST 2002

It's true... children know... stuff. When my son Camilo was about 5 I took
him to visit relatives in Nicaragua. He immediately commented on the
conditions of poverty on the way home from the airport: "oh, that's because
of Disney." (Yeah, yeah, he had previously heard me badmouthing Disney,
but... And, of course, when I took him to a demo against Disney's labor
practices, he only wanted to see the person in the Mickey Mouse costume that
headed the march!)


> One more quick story: I first took Christina flying when she was
> 3-and-a-half years old (she said later she was scared but didn't want to
> show it because she didn't want to "disappoint me"--her words exactly).
> she really enjoys going to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle
> and we spend all day looking at airplanes, flying the simulator and riding
> in the full-motion simulator (views and motions of an F-18 being launched
> off a carrier to do attacks against Iraq--really). Well two weeks ago she
> said "I want to go to the Museum of Flight" (which by the way is about a
> two-hour drive from north of Seattle where we are). I said that I was a
> tired and the two-hour drive was too much for me at that moment. I asked
> she really wanted to go that instant as we have been to the museum many
> times. Her answer? She said, and this is absolutely true, "I saw on the
> that some people at the museum are going to lose their jobs because not
> enough people are going to the museum, so if we go and spend money, maybe
> they won't lose their jobs."
> I about shit on the spot. It really blew my mind. And I was so proud that
> she cared about more than the next toy or tv show; she really cared/cares
> about those less fortunate and oppressed--and not just Indians.
> Jim

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