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On 1 Feb 2002, at 22:58, Donna Stainsby wrote:

> Mr Travis
> I'm sitting here peacefully, enjoying my glass of wine, reading the
> posts to my various lists, and I read "Milosevic is no more a hero
> than George W Bush.  May I ask where you have been this last few
> years?  What have you read?  What were your sources?  If "genocide
> was committed in Kosovo", how on earth do you assume -- and I use
> the word correctly -- that it was in any way commited by Milosevic?
> What is your proof that genocide in fact occurred?  And of course
> the involvement of  "forces of Zion" is, as you say, absurd.  You
> say you have never been to Yugoslavia, before or after Milosevic.  I
> have. The country is indeed a prototype of what we hope from a
> united Europe.  My friend, when you base your opinions on what the
> western media -- a true example of  a propaganda instrument -- you
> show yourself to be a non-thinker, or at least a very susceptible
> thinker, and your   ' basic judgemental skills' are sadly at fault.
> May I suggest that you access some other sources of information than
> the main-stream media before you make such statements?  And you call
> yourself "fastred"? Perhaps you should slow down and think.
> Donna Stainsby

 You said allot, but, sadly, didn't answer anything I suggested,
resorted personal attacks, and pretty much said I was wrong with
out a
shred of evidence to back it up. So now I will have to list 10 or more
sources just to make you happy, and so you can attack their

Sorry for not having more of, what I would call Stalinist sources (if
you call it true revolutionary communism please do not be offended)
but the Trotskyists, and Maoists have the largest presence on the
internet, so if you want to reply with more sources I will not be in
any way offended.

(look at the letter to the editor, and anything else, I am not going
to stop you)
http://www.etext.org/Politics/MIM/mn/mn.php?issue=185 (oppose
of yugoslavia)

    I must apologize for maybe misleading you into thinking that
justice will be served at Milosevic's trail, this is not the case, the
trail is just a frame up to give credibility to imperialist action.
Also I don't think Milosevic is the sole problem, he is not some sort
of god that controlled everything, the problem is Capitalism. Do I
support rallying the working class for his cause, of course not. Do I
care what happens to him, no.

Cort Travis

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