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On 2 Feb 2002, at 13:21, Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> you Aren't looking at this in terms of the political implications for
> a worker's movement globally. To establish a norm whereby First World
> imperialist countries can abduct and incarcerate leaders of countries
> that are against the IMF is to enshrine in precedent that the world
> has given up on even more of the ideas of sovereignty.
> I saw your sources, although I didn't go the sites. A bunch of the
> most sectarian Trot and Maoist party paper sites. Wonderful. How about
> this. I can give you the NYTimes articles in the weeks following the
> first time Milosevic's government told the IMF to go to Hell. The SPS
> stuck to this line, and in fact this is part of Slobo's  defence plan.
> He points out (correctly) that Yugoslavia had the only alternative
> economy in Europe. This led to the successionists being supported and
> glorified while the socialistic rump Yugo got villified. You should
> care what happened and what happens to him and his "cronies". They are
> not being tried for anything bad that they did but for the few good
> things they have done: stave off the entire economic recolonisation of
> their country and maintain state ownership (called "social" property)
> of 87% of the factories until after the Kostunica coup. The ability to
> draw a line and say "thus far and no further" was the right of
> Yugoslavia and was why they were mercilessly bombed for 78 days, with
> radioactive crap dumped in the Danube anfd the wholesale destruction
> of the public economy. Then the media campaign and the CIA funded
> "opposition" destroyed what the bombs couldn't. Now there are massive
> layoofs, public property has been looted and sold to the Western
> powers and the fascist KLA occupies their territory.
> Who's side are you on? It's no good in the real world to point out
> that Milosevic wasn't a true communist. There is a situation that
> occured (and continues) and Slobo today is acting with dignity. Quite
> frankly, I find his choice of defence tactics very admirable and I
> believe it represents the attitude of many who are persecuted in East
> Europe today: How dare those who plunder and conquer these countries
> in the name of big capital stand in judgement of those who attempted
> to build some form of  perhaps distorted socialism; how dare socialism
> be labelled a crime. We must stand with Slobo in order to defend our
> own self-interest in opposition to the imperialists.
> Macdonald

	Please don't try to unwrite what I wrote. The bottom line is
Slobo was/is , a Capitalist. As far as establishing a norm of first
world countries dominating the others your in it, in the imperialist
stage of capitalism, thats the way the world works. I said before
that I think the trail is just a way to justify past actions. I list
sources and you deny them, I tried to encompas a variety of
groups for a reason. How dare socialism be labeled a crime, what
world are you living in? One where Socialists and Capitalists can
rub elbows at a shin dig, and kick it up like old friends? Slobo is
the mascot of the way imperialism works, you kiss ass you get
power, you make trouble you get thrown out. He was a bourgois
politician, end of story. Reality is Reality, and the reality is
supporting Mr. Milosevic , no matter how well mannered he is, will
never acomplish anything towards building Socialism. You can call
his trail a sham, it is, you can say he resisted imperialism,
however he only resisted so far as hiw own interests were served,
you can use the country and it's recent history as a model for the
way Imperialism works however this should all be done without
giving a shred of support to this man.

Cort Travis

P.S. How are you related to Donna? And do you sip wine? =)

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