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The following article appears in the current issue of Green Left Weekly
(http://www.greenleft.org.au ):

ZIMBABWE: Socialists reject reliance on sanctions

In a statement released on January 16, the International Socialist
Organisation of Zimbabwe - the country's only organised Marxist current -
reminded Zimbabweans that "none but ourselves will liberate ourselves".

The European Union is threatening to impose sanctions on the Mugabe regime
and the British government has warned that it will move for Zimbabwe's
suspension from the Commonwealth if Mugabe does not abide by the "rule of
law" in relation to the government's land reform program. Washington is also
threatening to impose selective sanctions on Zimbabwe.

"The US, EU and other imperialist countries are no friends of democracy",
stated the ISO. "They are massacring innocent people in Afghanistan, with
Somalia and Iraq next. They are the biggest terrorists who have killed
millions in Third World countries from Vietnam and Korea to Angola and
supported apartheid in South Africa and Rhodesia."

The West's main concern is not the Mugabe government's anti-democratic and
anti-working class policies but its failure to fully impose the neo-liberal
economic policies demanded of it.

>From Green Left Weekly, February 6, 2002.
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