Fwd (GLW): US socialists working the chinks in Goliath's armour

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Sun Feb 3 05:21:08 MST 2002

Just for fun:

The following articles appear in the current issue of Green Left Weekly
(http://www.greenleft.org.au ):

US socialists working the chinks in Goliath's armour

CHICAGO - Inevitably, the annual convention of the US International
Socialist Organization, which took place in this freezing "windy city"
between January 18 and 20, was dominated by two questions. How invulnerable
is the US imperialist Goliath after its "triumph" in Afghanistan? How should
the left and anti-imperialist movement regroup and counterattack?

<the remainder of the article can be found on the GLW website>

a quick quote from the article:
At the end of this enthusiastic, militant and thoughtful convention it was
clear to this observer that the socialist movement in the US is in the
process of producing what the socialist movement the world over has sorely
lacked for many decades - an effective contingent within the belly of the
imperialist monster.

[Dick Nichols is a member of the national executive of the Democratic
Socialist Party and a national convener of the Socialist Alliance.]

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