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Please see below details of the new book published by Francis Boutle 
Publishers in association with 'Revolutionary History'

'Trotsky and the Origins of Trotskyism'

Alfred Rosmer, Boris Souvarine, Emile Fabrol, Antoine Clavez 
Introduction by Al Richardson

Trotsky and the Origins of Trotskyism highlights the role of Alfred 
Rosmer in the early opposition to Stalinism inside the Comintern and 
the French Communist Party, from which he was expelled in 1924. The 
book includes translations of recent articles from the French 
theoretical journal Prométhée as well as extracts from Rosmer¹s own 
oppositional magazine La Révolution prolétariennne from the 1920s, in 
which he and his allies deal with the bureaucratisation of the 
Communist Party and Stalin¹s victory over the Old Bolsheviks. The 
final chapters, entitled On the Planet Without a Visa, were written 
by Rosmer, a close acqaintance of Trotsky for 35 years, in the early 
1950s to complete Trotsky¹s autobiography My Life. They cover the 
years of exile until his death in Mexico in 1940 and incorporate 
Trotsky¹s own words to describe his personal fortunes and the essence 
of his thought.

ISBN   1 903427 07 X

Price £10.00 plus postage- eg USA surface mail £1.50 air mail £3.00, 
Europe £1.75. Other countries postage rates on request.

Payment can be paid by IMO made out to Porcupine Bookcellar (but must 
be in £ sterling) and sent to 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, 
United Kingdom. To pay by credit card please send me 2 e mails - the 
first with half the digits, the second with the remaining digits plus 
the expiry date.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


Barry Buitekant 

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/03/2002

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