Big step forward for the radical movement

Snehal Shingavi snehal100 at
Sun Feb 3 12:48:40 MST 2002

I don't normally write to this list, so you will forgive me if I get the
conventions on cutting and pasting incorrect.  I think that it is important
to note that there was a debate inside of the organizing for the
demonstration, but the organizers of the another world is possible
demonstration agreed to have a nonviolent protest.  The labor unions didn't
come, not because of the "violence", but because of the anti-war slogans.
You can check out the Village Voice article which talks about Jobs With
Justice's decision not to come on Saturday.

I think that the globalization movement has taken a step forward ... the
critiques that you raise, Stuart, are important ones that the movement has
to deal with, but these are neither new (i.e. they were made of the
anti-globalization protesters way back in 2000) nor the most central
question.  The central question was, I believe, would the anti-globalization
movement re-emerge after 9/11 (you will remember that IMF/WB demonstrations
were cancelled after 9/11).  The answer to this question should lead us all
to be optimistic.

Snehal S.

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